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Canopy Tour

Ever dream of flying through the jungle like Tarzan?

Well, this tour gives you a glimpse into that crazy jungle lifestyle!

The three-hour long tour rips through the jungle via a series of cables that provide stunning views of the forest, wildlife, and the Pacific Ocean.

The tour starts with a 15-minute tractor ride through bumpy terrain up a mountain where the descent begins.

It is here where you will begin your flight back down to base camp.

Involving 14 platforms and 12 cables, this adventure is sure to release endorphin as you fly through the rain-forest and experience that raw feeling of freedom, leaving you empowered and ready to conquer surfing the next day!


National Park Guided tours

This guided tour through one of Costa Rica's most prized national park is worthy of a trip to Costa Rica alone. The full-day adventure provides a true glimpse into the lush forests and local wildlife this country has to offer. From lizards to sloths to birds to monkeys, this tour is not only an insightful look into the natural beauty of Costa Rica, but an educational experience as well.




 It is guided by an entertaining and extremely knowledgeable certified "nature man," who can spot all sorts of animals with his naked eye. This means you don't miss any of the unique creatures wandering through the forest. And, with a vortex lens handy, it ensures you get to see the animals up close, and take stunning pictures as well.



And, don't forget your swimsuit, as the beautiful beaches in the park are ones you do not want to miss!

Stand-up paddle boarding

This relaxing adventure is a blend of surfing and kayaking, providing a new dimension to your view of the water.



A relatively new sport, this tour will have you gliding peacefully through the beautiful waters of Herradurra Beach.

The upright position on the board brings you a new perspective on balance and gives you the ability to enjoy lovely scenery of the area, close to Jaco Beach.


 Plus, it also provides a great full-body workout too!

Crocodile & Bird watching tour

Jose's Crocodile River Tour takes place on the Tarcoles River in Central Pacific Costa Rica. Get up-close with American crocodiles of all sizes, and observe an abundance of beautiful exotic birds!

Enjoy spectacular rain-forest scenery and cruise through dense mangrove forest canals. Spot jungle wildlife such as iguanas, lizards that run on water, mangrove crabs, monkeys, and more! An adventure your must experience!