Surf lesson

A great way to discover Costa Rica and its water by the hand of our ISA & Lifeguard Certified Instructors.


Our instructors are Costa Rican locals with an amazing knowledge of the ocean and love for what they do.



All private lessons start with a drill on the beach where you will be introduced to the 101’s of surfing. These drills are based on the most important basics of surfing and special care is taken for security drills.


Once you are ready, our instructors will lead you into the water and into a an experience that will not be easily forgotten.

All Private lessons include: Surfboards, Rash Guards, ISA & Lifeguard Certified Instructors.

All reservations most be complete the reservation procedures process by 6 pm (local time) the night before the lesson is to take place, as we would need to secure the staff and necessary preparations to ensure a quality service.

Please contact us at for further detail.